My photographs: memory tools for searching beauty


I have always been searching images that may act as tools to isolate and extract some fragments of reality, in which the shapes of the inner beauty of the world can emerge.

Temporary, fragile, sometimes almost invisible shapes, just as clouds are.


I think of beauty as of the spiritual dimension, in which one’s mind can rest and rejoice, thus learning to love the world.

Images not searching, through their very visible form, the beauty of the world, are to me of no interest at all.


In the word “world”  I mean to include also its past history.


With whom I feel we have a deeply controversial relationship: our lives are immersed in our past, whose result eventually is what we are, yet we often ignore it or, worse, tend to distort, deform or even rape it.


The two series “Elementi e fregi” and “Meta-glifi” originate as a reaction toward this phenomenon of cultural oblivion, by which the forms and  the signs of our past have become but the words of an incomprehensible language.


Forms in themselves have often been considered, not only in the visual arts’ field, as meaningless, self-referred entities.

In my opinion, they have, on the contrary, the intrinsic possibility of express everything.






My photographs: visual distillates


The very term “photo-graphy”, a drawing made “by” or “with the aid of” light, sounds to me but as a fascinating, yet eventually deceptive, 19th-century metaphor.


He or she who draws creates images with his/her mind and hand only.


The photographer’s work is different, more similar to the one of who reaps and transforms nature, exploiting physical and chemical phenomena - something not changed in the digital era.


I deeply wish to emphasize this similarity between the process of producing photographic images to the work of peasants. A time-consuming process in which fruits, for example, are first laboriously picked up and later patiently distillated, thus obtaining, only if every step has been successful, the heart-warming liqueurs.


The camera that frames and crops the visual field is a tool not so different from the scissors that shear. Pc’s are but digital alembics that “ad libitum” modify and fix light in the form of numbers.

And, in the end, numbers are but the hidden essence of the world.

PHOTOGRAPHS   2005-2010

PHOTOGRAPHS   2011-2015

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